We are proud to announce that we completed and released the English version of Troublemaker production site!  

"HOUSE PAINTERS DAY" Action Finalized Succesfully

In "HOUSE PAINTERS DAY" action, founded by TROUBLEMAKER production house, 3000 m2 of Children's Hospital in Tirsova str…

House Painters Day in Tirsova

Troublemaker production has founded the "HOUSE PAINTERS DAY" action. From this year on, during the autumnal House Painte…

"Europe Without Borders" on Rollerblade Race 2011

TROUBLEMAKER production house organised with succes "Europe Without Borders" course within Belgrade Rollerblade Race 201…

Filming of WARM RABBIT movie continues

This fall author and director Goran Vukcevic will continue with the filming of WARM RABBIT feature film. Troublemaker's…

DIADORA UTILITY Promotion Took Off

On August 8th 2011 in Subotica and Nis started promotional show of DIADORA protective equipment. Next week Troublemaker…

The UEPS Award

On the 50th UEPS (Association of Economic Propagandists of Serbia) Awards Jubilee special award was granted to Troublema…

Award-winning Troublemaker

On recently held International Building Trade Fair the company TroubleMaker and its clients won numerous awards:   1. …

2011 International Building Trade Fair

This year Troublemaker did exactly seven author's exhibition stands during the 2011 International Building Trade Fair. …

Europe day, 9 May

Europe day, 9 May Troublemaker's crew invented and constructed EU Obstacle Course for the competition of Belgrade's pri…

Darkness, Go Away

The commercial for Narva light bulbs caused quite a few comments. In any case, the marketing effect was achieved.

Craftsmen Promoting

In the artisan world education is essential. New products appear every day and craftsmen must get familiar with their ap…

Beer Bottle Balloon

We manufactured for the BIP brewery large ballon shaped as BG beer bottle. Nothing out of the ordinary, except for one f…

Really, But Really Big Print

In today's age the large scale advertisements are slowly becoming common. Yet, it is still a question of prestige. "The …

Humanitarian Work

Doing business with
gigantic firms we came
acroos this idea. To redirect
a portion of their marketing
funds into donations for UNIVERSITY
CHILDREN HOSPITAL in Tirsova street
and similar institutions in need for
the finances. More...

Contact Numbers

Head Producer:
Bojan Velickovic

Executive production:
Andrija Becin 060/22-44-282
Miljana Velickovic 060/22-44-281
Phone/fax: 011/3440-502
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Company data

Troublemaker production d.o.o.
Ibarska 13
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Company No - 20663758
VAT No - 106705139,  TA - 106-339677-30