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* Some photographies are taken during the events that Bojan Velickovic produced as a director of other agencies


We are proud to announce that we completed and released the English version of...
In "HOUSE PAINTERS DAY" action, founded by TROUBLEMAKER production house, 3000...
Troublemaker production has founded the "HOUSE PAINTERS DAY" action. From this...
TROUBLEMAKER production house organised with succes "Europe Without...
This fall author and director Goran Vukcevic will continue with the filming of...

Humanitarian Work

Doing business with
gigantic firms we came
acroos this idea. To redirect
a portion of their marketing
funds into donations for UNIVERSITY
CHILDREN HOSPITAL in Tirsova street
and similar institutions in need for
the finances. More...

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Bojan Velickovic

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Miljana Velickovic 060/22-44-281
Phone/fax: 011/3440-502
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