Exhibition Stands

Exhibition Stands

TROUBLEMAKER PRODUCTION has one of its teams specialized in exhibition stand design for various fairs in country as well as abroad.

We have built for our clients stands in all of the world's metropoles: Moscow, New York, Nice, Vienna, Hamburg, Madrid, Munich, Prague, Paris, Zagreb, Ljubljana... We are pleased to demonstrate the exhibition stands created as per our ideas (so-called custom stands) or designed in accordance with our client's wishes. All stands were built as turnkey projects.

Within a trade fairs framework we offer:


including design, construction (all works included), furnishing the exhibition stands (furniture and floral arrangements) and disassembly. Our exhibition stands can be constructed of plaster, plywood, MDF, modern materials with plexiglass elements, iron, aluminum, glass, plastic... Or you can opt for one of our "cast" stands , which is our unique offer in the region. Our offer implies all kinds of painting-coating work as well as production of more than 200 different special effects on plaster walls. Effects that will make your exhibition stand vary and stand out among the vast number of exhibitors.

This type of stands can be classical single-storey or multi-storey stand with the optional gallery...

As a special offer we can provide you with the catering and hostesses suggestions.


we offer two types of display stands and desks that can be used for the indoor as well as for the open air promotions. Regardless of whether you opt for one of our TYPAL or your company's custom-built stand, we guarantee durability and functionality. This way you will get all the prerequisites needed for the perfect product/service promotion in a small space.


are one of our suggestions for your company outdoor promotion. This type of stands are constructed of waterproof materials with the special sun and weather condition protections. Along with the installment of outdoor stands, we sustain complete water and power supply infrastructure, air-conditioning or outdoor heaters.


implies your brand's exposure on any surface or at any hight of the exhibition hall.

Withing the hall branding framework during trade shows we can offer: windows or floor graphics, bringing out your brand with archways, air dancers, any size helium ballons or zepellins that navigate throughout or outside the exhibition hall.

We can secure the installment and construction of your advertisement at any place withing the fair (in the passageways between the halls, lamp posts branding, flags production and setting...).



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Humanitarian Work

Doing business with
gigantic firms we came
acroos this idea. To redirect
a portion of their marketing
funds into donations for UNIVERSITY
CHILDREN HOSPITAL in Tirsova street
and similar institutions in need for
the finances. More...

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