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Company data

Company data

All data on TROUBLEMAKER production d.o.o. can be downloaded in single ZIP file. It includes standard documents: SBRA statement, identification list, VAT registration form, VAT number or certificate of registration, as well as Troublemaker LOGO in office and vector formats.
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Humanitarian Work

Doing business with
gigantic firms we came
acroos this idea. To redirect
a portion of their marketing
funds into donations for UNIVERSITY
CHILDREN HOSPITAL in Tirsova street
and similar institutions in need for
the finances. More...

Contact Numbers

Head Producer:
Bojan Velickovic

Executive production:
Andrija Becin 060/22-44-282
Miljana Velickovic 060/22-44-281
Phone/fax: 011/3440-502
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Company data

Troublemaker production d.o.o.
Ibarska 13
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Company No - 20663758
VAT No - 106705139,  TA - 106-339677-30